How Direct Access To Physical Therapy Benefits Your Life

Physical Therapy Without A Doctor’s Referral
Back pain from yard work over the weekend? Sore ankle from your slow pitch softball game? Knee arthritis acting up again? You’ve had these symptoms before, right? Physical therapy helped take care of the problem and got you back to life. In the past, that meant taking time scheduling an appointment with your physician to receive a physical therapy referral. This process takes time plus an extra co-pay to your doctor. Meanwhile, you are in pain and you already know what the solution is. The need for waiting and an extra trip to the doctor are now in the past. In the state of Kansas, you now have direct access to physical therapy. Here is everything you need to know about direct access and how it can make your life, and your recovery, easier.
What Does Direct Access Mean For Physical Therapy?
In popular culture, the word “access” implies exclusivity – like a backstage pass to a rock concert or high level clearance to government files. When it comes to direct access to physical therapy, however, the opposite is true. Instead of physician referral, or MD approval, in the State of Kansas if you need physical therapy, “Come on in!” That’s right, direct access essentially cuts out the middleman. If you need physical therapy, call our office and schedule an appointment.
What Are The Benefits Of Direct Access PT?
Direct access saves times allowing quicker access for you to begin receiving treatment from one of our highly skilled and specially certified therapists.
How Does Physical Therapy Benefit You And Your Life?
Our physical therapists at Kansas City Orthopaedic Institute (KCOI) are able to provide highly attentive and personalized care. All of our Physical & Occupational Therapy rehab sessions are conducted one-on-one between you and the therapist. We are able to create a personalized treatment plan and home exercises both printed and electronic with videos. This will help you on your path to achieving your goals and returning to activity. If at the end of two weeks of care or sooner at KCOI, your therapist feels that you should see a physician, they can assist in scheduling you with an appropriate orthopedic specialist here at the KCOI. We have board certified and fellowship trained physicians on staff in every area of orthopedics.
Does Insurance Cover Direct Access Physical Therapy?
All processes are handled the same way they would be if you were referred by a physician. We will verify your insurance prior to your initial visit. However, if the insurance verification staff finds any issues regarding your being a Self-Referral, with no doctor prescription, then the staff will contact you to let you know that you would need to either become private pay or would need to obtain a prescription for physical therapy.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 913-253-8980

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