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As Kansas City’s only hospital dedicated exclusively to orthopedics, we follow strict, evidence-based recommendations from national quality agencies for patient safety. Kansas City Orthopaedic Institute is consistently recognized as a top-performing hospital by CareChex® — a division of Comparion® Medical Analytics. We proudly rank as the number one hospital in the Kansas City market for Patient Safety in Major Orthopedic Surgery and Joint Replacement (CareChex quality award 2015-2019).


Our hospital is also consistently recognized among the top 10 percent nationally, regionally, and in the state of Kansas for Patient Safety in Joint Replacement (CareChex 2014-2019).

As a hospital dedicated exclusively to orthopedics, Kansas City Orthopaedic Institute consistently performs with exceptionally low infection rates Our focus on patient safety is also demonstrated in our relentless pursuit of preventing infections. As a hospital dedicated exclusively to orthopedics, we consistently perform with exceptionally low infection rates of only 0.08 percent. When compared to evidence collected in a study of acute care hospitals in multiple states – a study that reported a national infection rate of 4.0 percent – patients here are 50 times less likely to acquire health-care associated infections.*

Your comfort, safety and satisfaction are our priority, so we focus on reducing complications in several key areas that contribute to our overall excellence in quality care. We invite you to read more by clicking on a topic below.

A surgical site infection can be a devastating complication for an orthopedic patient. With an infection rate that is well below the national average, Kansas City Orthopaedic Institute provides a healthier, safer patient experience. Factors that contribute to our exceptionally low infection risk include:

  • Short surgery time: The shorter the operation, the less chance of developing an infection. We focus on efficiency to prevent longer-than-necessary surgical duration.
  • Use of regional anesthesia: Regional anesthesia has been shown to reduce bleeding, minimize post-operative pain and shorten surgical time.
  • Specially designed surgical suites: Designed specifically for orthopedic procedures, our state-of-the-art operating rooms are equipped with a special filtration system that reduces the risk of infection by directing airflow away from the surgical site and cleaning the air.
  • Protective wear: Surgeons and surgical assistants wear specially designed protective hoods to reduce the risk of infection for the patient.
  • Hand hygiene: Our staff is required to sanitize their hands prior to administering care at any level in the organization. We also encourage our patients and visitors to practice proper hand hygiene using hand-sanitizing products available in patient rooms and in our hospital hallways.
  • Less exposure to contagious disease: Because our hospital specializes in orthopedics, patients do not come to us for care and treatment of transmittable illnesses. As a result, our patients are far less exposed to potential disease.
  • Appropriate use and timing of antibiotics: Research shows that certain antibiotics work better to prevent wound infections for certain types of surgery, and that surgery patients receiving antibiotics within one hour before surgery are less likely to get wound infections. Administering the right antibiotic at the right time is another important way we prevent surgical site infections.

Our pre-admission assessment professionals work to proactively identify patients at greater risk for developing blood clots and other problems after surgery. We also monitor patients closely and provide the most current blood clot prevention therapies and techniques. Your physician may prescribe blood-thinning medications and/or a compression boot or shoe that wraps around your leg or foot to help maintain normal blood flow. Depending on your type of surgery, you may also use a continuous passive motion (CPM) machine that moves your operative limb to optimize use of your muscles and maintain blood flow after surgery. Your patient care team will get you out of bed and moving as soon as safely possible after your surgery, which speeds recovery and helps prevent blood clots.
We understand our patients are at higher risk for falling due to the types of conditions we treat and the surgeries we perform. We take your risk of falling very seriously and believe that fall prevention is a key patient safety measure.

Our fall prevention program begins prior to surgery. Nurses begin to teach fall prevention techniques during the pre-admission assessment. After surgery, we insist that you allow our staff to provide assistance and support when you are out of bed until your rehabilitation therapist has deemed it safe for you to move about independently. We use safety devices such as gait belts in assisting you to ambulate. You will be learning to use assistive devices that may be unfamiliar to you, such as walkers or crutches, and we work closely with you to ensure and encourage safety.

Kansas City’s Most Trusted Provider

From our exceptionally low infection rate to our highly specialized expertise, comprehensive services and commitment to our patients, it is easy to see why we are trusted by Kansas City for safe and effective orthopedic care. We are proud of our reputation for patient safety excellence, and we invite you to call us at 913-319-7633 to see for yourself what a difference our dedication makes.


* Shelley S. Magill, M.D., Ph.D.,, Multistate Point-Prevalence Survey of Health Care-Associated Infections, The New England Journal of Medicine; 370:1198-1208, March 27, 2014

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