Dr. James P. Halloran Discusses Patrick Mahomes Injury

Dr. James P. Halloran met with McKenzie Nelson of 41 Action News to discuss the dislocation of the knee cap suffered by Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

“Right after it happens, it’s always easiest to get it back in, so if you wait, if you would have left it out, it’s just the muscles tighten up, everything starts to swell and you can have a lot more problems trying to get the knee cap back into position and more painful, so you usually have to use some sort of anesthesia,” Dr. Halloran said. Halloran expects several weeks of rehab for Mahomes, beginning soon after any inflammation decreases. “Off the bat, you’re really trying to reduce a lot of the inflammation that’s going on, a lot of the swelling because he’s probably going to have a fairly swollen knee today,” Halloran said. “After we get that resolved, then we’re working on range of motion, strengthening the quadriceps, trying to prevent any further what I call translation or subluxation of that kneecap, so probably immobilization for a week to two weeks, controlling your inflammation and also just working on strengthening around the knee.” You can find the entire story and video on 41 Action News’ website.

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